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Aug. 5th, 2017 06:00 pm
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Hello! You've reached Kairi! I'm not here at the moment so just leave a message~
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Player: Mika
Contact: [plurk.com profile] indulgentsin | sanguinesins#6453
Age: 27
Current Characters: Mikaela Hyakuya


Character: Kairi
Age: 15
Canon: Kingdom Hearts
Canon Point: Post Dream Drop Distance

Background: Seen over here!

Personality: From the very first time we see her, Kairi is seen as a kind, sweet-hearted young girl. She puts her friends first, but isn't afraid to gently tease or call them out for something that they've done; ie Sora, you lazy bum or You know he's absolutely helpless without us. The one thing she has is a completely unwavering faith in her two friends, Sora and Riku and always believes they'll pull through the darkness, and could see the kindness in others long before they themselves do. While her two friends both went through such hardships, it hadn't once stopped her from being a rather brave and courageous person, though moreso when someone she cares about is in trouble. Such as when Sora was turned into a heartless when he restored her heart back to her body, she put herself in harm's way just to help him come back to himself once more. Her heart is filled with pure light and goodness and that may have a hand in her otherwise caring, sweet nature toward those around her.

On her own she's fairly charismatic and easy to get along with, able to make friends rather easily as witnessed by how she manages to befriend Hayner, Olette and Pence in Twilight Town in such a short time. It's rare to not see her being cheerful, upbeat and positive, and more likely would be the one who would cheer on everyone with positive, happy remarks if she's able to. This doesn't mean she's a pushover, as she will speak her mind when the situation calls for it and doesn't care who it is she's saying it to. Such as speaking back to both Axel and Saix at different points, standing strong in the face of people with the ability to harm her, even at the risk of seeming borderline reckless. Kairi is also fairly stubborn and strong-willed, but extremely loyal to those she cares a lot about and it doesn't just extend to Riku or Sora but even Donald and Goofy.

During the events of Kingdom Hearts II, it was shown that even in the absence of her memories of Sora, she clearly missed him as well as Riku. There was a longing in her expression when she spoke of him and 'that other boy' before she remembered him, but still seemed to take it all in stride. When she ended up speaking to a boy named Roxas, she was polite but insistent on a name. It's not like her to be mean to anyone unless they give her a clear reason to, such as when Axel approached her on the beach, telling her that he could take her to where Sora was and knowing just how much she must have wanted that. His first attempt to kidnap her didn't go as expected as she escaped through a portal of darkness that had opened up, telling him 'you're not being very friendly' in his attempts to be nice with her since he's brought nobodies with him.

She did her waiting for a year, so by the time she's able to actually fight back, she does so without hesitation.

If she can fight alongside Riku and Sora she will, having a strong sensibility and sense of morals; likely as a result of her being a Princess of Heart and having a Heart that cannot be touched by darkness. One could almost call her an optimist as she's the first person to come up with the positives of a situation, and able to judge people's characters rather adeptly. She can be trusting but not to an extent that can be seen as a negative trait, fearing losing her friends and those she cares about and will do whatever she can to maintain these close bonds of hers.

The two people that mean the world to her is both Riku and Sora, the former tending to try and push others away from him due to having steeped himself in darkness throughout the events of the second game. She could see Riku for who he really was, even under that guise of Ansem that he had donned and helped Sora see this as well and her opinion never once changed of Riku even once. It's Sora that she seems to have a stronger connection to, but whether it's because of the time she spent with her heart trapped inside his body or the way she was able to recognize which heartless he was back during Kingdom Hearts is a little harder to discern. She spent her time supporting them both, these people who mean the world to her, but now that Yen Sid has called upon her to help train her in using the keyblade she'd recently gained?

Next time there was a fight she would not stand back and wait, but fight alongside them both.

Abilities: Due to her status as a Princess of Heart, she has a completely pure heart filled with light and this ties into that she's fairly resistant to any darkness. Something which she can actually sense as well, so if there was any sort of large-scale darkness coming toward the island she'd be able to pick up on it before it hit.

She can also wield a keyblade like Riku and Sora, though not nearly to the same extent as them as she is not yet experienced in using it.

Alignment: Thras. While she isn't afraid of many things, the reason I chose this alignment lies in that bravery is essentially a LARGE part of who Kairi is as a person; moreso when it comes to her friends. It's this that swung my decision from Daimonia to this instead :)

Other: Nope~!


General Sample: here!

Emotion Sample:

Being away from home wasn't precisely anything new to Kairi and she'd always been surprisingly receptive to new things as long as it wasn't too 'out there' so it made sense she'd at least adjusted somewhat in the first couple of days but the concept of things like emotions being turned into a physical form was still something foreign to her. Not in a negative way by any means but more that she actually wanted to know more about how it worked.

Stepping out of the house, she smoothed out her skirt and headed down the street while taking in the cobblestone beneath her feet and the otherwise peaceful atmosphere that absolutely pervaded this place; this island.

If anything it reminded her of being on Destiny Islands.

Shaking her head, Kairi headed toward the Port and quietly hummed a tune to herself as she made her way there. She still stood out compared to the natives here but it didn't stop her from shooting everyone a smile and a small wave as she passed them, a sort of outward radiance shimmering around her with a bright, colorful aura and a warm breeze. Anyone close enough to her would catch a faint scent of something resembling the ocean with a hint of something tropical; like a sweet type of fruit floating through the air.

Turning a corner and avoiding someone who seemed in quite a hurry, her gaze was drawn downward to what looked like a couple of wilted, dying flowers. It was enough to have her stop and kneel down, taking note that this seemed to be part of a memorial to someone. Frowning a bit at this, Kairi reached out to touch the edge of some of the wilted blossoms while closing her eyes and drawing upon what she believed were some of her more positive emotions; thinking of her friends, standing at their sides and helping them in the fight that was to come. Immediately the results were starting to show, as life seemed to be breathed back into the once wilting flowers and they appeared to bloom even more vibrantly than they might have previously. The colors were bright and coloured in pastel shades for most of them, but it was one of the larger flowers that became flooded with color that caused it to resemble a sunset with the swirl of colors that danced along the petals themselves.

"There. I hope even in passing that you can be happy." Her voice was soft, light and kind as she opened her eyes to see the result of her handiwork, tucking some hair behind one ear as she rose to her feet once more.

If she could do just one nice thing like this for someone with just her positive, light-filled emotions then she'd do it. Even if it wasn't much.

Questions: Nothing I can think of at the moment!


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